• Project Name: Portfolio Website Build
  • Client: Frances McCarthy | Hair By Fran
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Case Study:

When Frances McCarthy, the owner of Hair By Fran, came to Meraki looking for a website she was looking to add credibility to her brand and have a place to inform her clients about new deals and prices. We first started by analysing her requirements for the site and what content she had to go on it. This was the first challenge as we soon realised that there was not enough images to use throughout the site. So we decided to go with an illustration theme and use custom line work to give the website some depth. This, with the correct use of colour and fonts created enough attention to give the websie a high level of professionalism that Frances desired without the use of images.

Frances then wanted a way to upload recent work to her website; she runs on a busy schedule and already constantly updates Facebook and Instagram. So we decided to build a custom Instagram feed. This meant the website would get her Instagram posts and display it on the website, she can even choose which ones go on the site using a special Hash Tag.